Our Vision

Roseberry Academy is a family. It is based upon a belief system which values individuals equally. Staff know children intimately and equal importance is given to academic, social and emotional development and, consequently, relationships within the community of the academy are strong.

Pastoral care is given the highest of priorities with the recognition and understanding that children come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences which impacts upon their development. Warmth, humour and mutual respect are shared behaviours which are evident throughout the school and they, along with high expectations and ambition for all, form the basis upon which foundations for learning are built. The curriculum at Roseberry is enquiry led and children are encouraged to lead their own learning and are seen to be enthused and engaged throughout lessons which inspire them.

Children who leave Roseberry Academy at the end of Year Six do so with a toolkit for life: confidence in themselves as individuals- their understanding of their place in the world, their achievements and aspirations; a love of learning and thirst for knowledge, as well as pride in their academic achievement; a clear understanding of how to reach their aims; a readiness for their next stage in learning; the ability to persevere and find solutions through the development of their emotional intelligence and their own set of values which they are confident to articulate and share.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare at Roseberry is outstanding and our strategies are highly effective with all. Our Family Mentor is dedicated to working with families and is highly successful in supporting pupils and their parents, fostering better attendance and punctuality and, in conjunction with staff, transforming pupils’ negative feelings into positive ones that enable them to benefit much more from our learning culture.
Our most recent, successful Ofsted inspection (2023) graded our school as good with EYFS provision as outstanding.