Our SEND information report outlines details for parents/carers of children who have Special Educational Needs or aDisability (SEND) and all those who support children with additional needs. This information outlines the support and provision you can expect to receive, if you choose Roseberry Academy for your children.
The name of the senior member of staff with responsibility for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and children with serious medical needs is Miss Melissa Burley.

Graduated approach- How do we track children with SEND?

‘All children and young people are entitled to an education that enables them to make progress so that they achieve their best, become confident individuals living fulfilling lives, and make a successful transition into adulthood, whether into employment, further or higher education or training’ (6.1 CoP 2015).

At Roseberry Academy, we ensure that steps are taken to prevent children with SEND from being treated less favourably than other pupils. This was recognised during a Local Authority Inclusion Quality Mark report, which stated that Roseberry is:

‘A highly inclusive and reflective school.’  

‘The curriculum and learning environment provide opportunities to celebrate and recognise the difference and diversity of all members of the school community, for example in preparing the whole school community for the arrival of pupils with different backgrounds, physical or learning needs.’

‘Roseberry (states that it) is an inclusive and caring school that recognises, values and celebrates the contributions of all its learners’. There is plenty of evidence that this is lived by all who work in the school. For example, governors spoke of the ‘unconditional positive regards for every child’. The school’s vision and aims are promoted widely with all stakeholders and reflected clearly though a range of inclusion policies.’

Please note: Our admission arrangements for children with SEND are the same as those for children without SEND.