Roseberry Lunch Menu

Lunch time is great at Roseberry! Children have the option to bring a healthy packed lunch to school, or have a tasty and nutritious, freshly cooked, meal from our on site kitchen. Children eat together in the upper hall and are supervised by Midday Supervisory Assistants who know them well.

Children are encouraged to pour water for one another, show good table manners and scrape their trays once they have finished their meal.

Children in EYFS and Key Stage One are eligible to receive meals free of charge, as are children whose parents’ financial circumstances enable them to access free school meals. If you think that your child may be eligible to receive free school meals, please contact the school office and staff will be happy to help!

Meals cost £2.25, paid for via Parent Pay. This is an online system which enables us to be a cashless school and saves the hassle of children needing to bring money into school. If you’d like more information about Parent Pay, or need to obtain a PayPoint card, please contact the school office.

Our family run catering service, Mellors, cook and kitchen staff are brilliant. They cook everything from scratch, using food which is locally sourced, and provide a variety of dishes each day as well as a salad bar where children can help themselves to as much fresh salad as they like! What’s really special is that the kitchen staff know our children, catering for likes, dislikes and allergies.

Three cheers for school meals!

Children may also bring a fruit snack from home – sweets and chocolate bars are not encouraged in school for either break-time or lunchtime. Infant children are given a piece of fruit each day, free of charge which comes from a government initiative – Fruit in Schools.