I am delighted to inform you that Miss Burley is going to be a mum! We are all extremely excited at the thought of another Roseberry baby joining our school  family.

We need to make sure that Miss Burley stays safe and well and, although her maternity leave will begin in November, I was advised yesterday that she will not be able to interact with a full class of children from September due to the pandemic.

With this in mind, we are in the process of  appointing a fabulous teacher for our September Year One class. I know that this may be a little unsettling for the parents and children of children in Mrs Barker’s class, and offer apologies, as this is an unforeseen change to our September plans.

Please be assured that I will keep you informed as soon as an appointment is made. I will try to arrange for our new teacher to meet with Mrs Barker's class before the end of term and ask them to post an introduction video on Teams asap.