15 October 2020

At Roseberry, we encourage a love of reading and the natural world and, at the start of the year, had a vision to incorporate both of these passions with the purchase of an outdoor reading chair. We envisaged a large, carved, wooden chair in one of our beautiful wildlife areas. We felt that sitting outside and listening to stories being read, surrounded by birdsong and fresh air, would be a wonderful experience for our children. We decided that this would be a welcome addition to our school grounds that would benefit children of all ages for years to come.

With this in mind, I politely requested that the Dr J T Waldie Memorial Fund committee consider an application for financial assistance in order to turn our vision into a reality. I am delighted to say that our application was successful, with an award of £750, which has enabled us to purchase not one but two chairs, one for each of our wildlife areas, along with some log seating! We are so very grateful for additional financial support that helps us to buy the special extras for our children that we wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. Now even the birds and squirrels will be able to hear our stories!

Posted by Mrs Channing

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