11 October 2021

Last week, Toby had a great time, peeping through the glass in my office door and watching children in the hall.                                     

On Monday, he saw Year Six children making amazing Egyptian structures - he was very impressed with their creativity and collaborative working. On Tuesday, he tapped his paws along to the music as the whole school sang together during singing practice.

Toby loved watching our whole school assembly on Friday. He enjoyed seeing who had been chosen to be Pupil of the Week, and celebrating the achievements of children who received the Act of Kindness award and Lunch Time award. He enjoyed guessing who would be picked as Captains’ choice (where our Team Captains chose children who have behaved beautifully throughout assembly) and what the Scores on the Doors would be for each class. Toby was very excited to see who had had a birthday during the week, and I am sure I saw him smiling as the whole school sang Happy Birthday!


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