Have you seen our bottle top art installation?


Did you know?

381 million tonnes of plastic waste is produced in the world every year? This is set to DOUBLE by 2034.

This is the same as 3,175 ocean liners or 30 million double decker buses!

At least 14 million tonnes of this plastic waste ends up in the ocean every year.


To raise awareness of these horrifying statistics, the Global Council decided to involve the whole school in the production of a piece of installation art. 

Every child was asked to collect plastic bottle tops from home, during a two month period, and bring them into school.  The amount collected was staggering, but worryingly it was probably not a true reflection of how many could have been brought in.

Over the course of our Environment Day in March ALL of the children in school helped to produce our Art Installation. The board measures 8’x4’ and, as you can see, is full of bottle tops. There is also a bag of tops that would not fit onto the board.  Just think, the amount you can see represents only 2 months. Imagine what a year would look like!

The aim of the piece is to make people think about how much plastic they use. Could they reduce this amount? Could they find alternatives that do not involve plastic? 


To avoid a future climate catastrophe we all need to: