Schools are now under considerable pressure to improve the levels of attendance at all ages and in accordance with the Education (pupils’ Attendance Records) Regulations 1991; all schools must publish information on rates of unauthorised absences and will include lateness, all unexplained absences, condoned absences and truancy. Please note that with reference to new Government legislation, no holidays during term time will be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances, which may be discussed with the Principal. The Principal will make a decision upon whether circumstances are considered exceptional and her decision will be final.

We actively promote the importance of excellent attendance and a whole school attendance competition runs throughout each half term. Every week, classes are ranked according to their attendance and the class with the best cumulative attendance, for the half term, wins a special treat.

Absence Figures

Our absence figures in recent years have been negatively affected due to the pandemic (93.4% in 2021-22). However, we work closely with families to ensure that children are in school every day and that term time holidays are avoided. 


Absences from School

Parents are requested to inform the school either by telephone or in writing of the reason for any absence. If your child has COVID symptoms, please inform the school office straight away. If your child is ill, please ring the school on the first morning before 9 o’clock. Messages can be left on the answer machine and these are picked up regularly. If the school is not contacted regarding a child’s absence, staff will text or telephone the child’s home to ensure that they are safe and have not come to harm on the way to school.

If your child has been sick they should not return to school until 48 hours have past since the last bout of being unwell. This helps us to stop the spread of illness.

Other appointments that cannot be arranged out of school time (e.g. dental appointments and external examinations) should be kept to a minimum and children should be out of school for as short a time as possible. Please inform the school office of the need to withdraw your child before collecting him/her from school for such appointments, as during school hours children are not allowed out of the premises without an adult. The child must be signed out at the office by the parent/guardian.