16 December 2018

Last half term the Reception class won the school attendance prize of £25 (Hip Hip Hooray).  We had a big decision to make.  We had to decide what we would like to spend this money on.  It could be anything we wanted.

We had a whole class chat and here were some of the suggestions.

Sweets, cakes and pizza were a popular choice.

Some prizes for the prize tin.

A new smiley face chart – Hmmm I really like the one we have.

New Toys for the classroom.

I said to the children that we already have lots of lovely toys in our classroom and we probably didn’t need any more toys.  It was then that one child thought about getting some toys for children who didn’t have any.  Well my heart instantly melted and the rest of the children decided that this is what we should use the money for.  We spent our £25 on Christmas Gifts for children who won’t wake up with a sack full of presents this year.

I asked the children what presents would be good ones to buy.  They suggested a teddy bear, a colouring book, a unicorn toy, princess toys, a tractor, peppa pig toys and batman toys.

Here are the presents we bought.  We did really well with £25.

So what happened to all these lovely toys???

Each morning as I drive to work I listen to TFM radio and at this time of year they talk about a charity called Cash for Kids – Mission Christmas.  They ask for people to buy an extra Christmas gift for a child and drop it off at one of the many drop off points.  Our nearest is Strikes Garden Centre in Stokesley.

We parcelled the toys up and took them to Strikes Garden Centre.  Miss Tucker did a very good job of hiding from the camera.

We hope that our toys will make a child smile this Christmas.  It certainly made me smile and feel very proud of my class for being so thoughful.

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