Image of Epic Earth – Dinosaurs
14 June 2019

Epic Earth – Dinosaurs

During SAW Week we have been learning all about Dinosaurs.

The children brought lots of fabulous books and toys from home to share with the class.

We love to sit at the front of the class and talk about the things we have brought in.

We talked about what the Earth might have looked like…

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Image of Transport Topic
10 May 2019

Transport Topic

Our new topic has been all about Transport and we have been reading the story Naughty Bus.

The children have loved exploring the pages of this book and we have been looking closely at how the words are written on the pages.  We noticed that some of the words were blurry and Hudson said this was…

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Image of Pets Topic
25 March 2019

Pets Topic

The book we are reading at the moment is called Oh No George by Chris Haughton.

We looked at the front cover and thought about what type of animal we thought it was.

Most of us thought a dog, some thought a penguin and some thought a rabbit.

So far we have found out that the main…

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Image of Penguin Photo Booth
25 January 2019

Penguin Photo Booth

Mr Murton made us a fabulous Penguin Photo Booth and we have had lots of fun using it today.

We used the IPad’s to take photographs of our friends.

Don’t we look cute as Penguins.

We have also enjoyed telling stories to our cuddly Emperor Penguin and its chick.

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Image of How do Penguins keep warm?
23 January 2019

How do Penguins keep warm?

Today we had a think about how penguins keep warm.

This is what we thought…..

“Run around.” said Erin

“Snuggle up to each other.” said Isla R

“The fluff keeps them warm.” said Joe

“Cuddle each other.” said Avara

“Flap their wings.” said Hudson

We watched a video of Penguins…

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Image of Peer Critique in Reception
17 January 2019

Peer Critique in Reception

In Reception we have been busy drawing our own Blue Penguins.  I was very impressed with how well the children were able to create such realistic drawing and colour them neatly.

After we had drawn and coloured them we had a look at them all together.  We looked closely at them all and thought…

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Image of More Blue Penguin Activities
17 January 2019

More Blue Penguin Activities

We are really enjoying finding out about Penguins in Reception. So far in the Blue Penguin story we have found out that the Blue Penguin is feeling sad. We thought of other words that mean the same as sad.

Here are our thoughts.



Down in the dumps


We also…

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Image of A letter from The Blue Penguin
17 January 2019

A letter from The Blue Penguin

How exciting it was to find a letter from the Blue Penguin in our classroom.

We had a think about what we had found out so far about Penguins so that we could write back and tell Blue Penguin.

We had a think about what we had found out so far about Penguins so that we could write back and…

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Image of A Blue Penguin
9 January 2019

A Blue Penguin

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

In Reception we have started the new term learning all about Penguins.

Our first job was to find out what we already know about Penguins.

The book we are looking at is called Blue Penguin by Petr Horacek.

Before looking at the front cover or knowing the title…

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Image of Little children with BIG hearts
16 December 2018

Little children with BIG hearts

Last half term the Reception class won the school attendance prize of £25 (Hip Hip Hooray).  We had a big decision to make.  We had to decide what we would like to spend this money on.  It could be anything we wanted.

We had a whole class chat and here were some of the suggestions.


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Image of Paper Chain Team Building
10 December 2018

Paper Chain Team Building

Last week we had a competition to see which team could make the longest paper chains.  We listened carefully to the instructions of how to make a chain.  We got really fast at picking up a strip of paper, putting a bit of glue on one end then curling it over so it sits on top of the other end to…

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