Image of End of Year Teddy Bear Picnic
21 July 2022

End of Year Teddy Bear Picnic


We have had a fabulous afternoon. We loved playing musical statues and pass the parcel.

Afterwards, we had a celebration. We all got a certificate and trophy. Well done everyone!

Lastly, we ate some delicious food at our teddy bear picnic.

What a wonderful day

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Image of Team Work!
7 July 2022

Team Work!



Today the children showed an interest in using the pipes. They worked together as a team to connect each piece together to make the water rush into the water tray.

After lunch, they continued to build. They noticed the water did not flow, so we had a good…

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Image of The Sea Life Centre
7 July 2022

The Sea Life Centre


What a fabulous day we have had at the Sealife Centre!

We started our busy day with a spot of lunch. We ate this outside enjoying the sunshine and watching the sealions.

Afterwards, we explored the Sealife centre and we seen so many animals. We all loved the sharks!

We enjoyed…

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Image of Summer Pamper Party
27 June 2022

Summer Pamper Party


We have had a wonderful afternoon and absolutely loved our ‘Summer Pamper Party’. First, we got into 2 small groups and Miss Berry did our hair, whilst Miss Capes gave us a hand massage and painted our nails. We picked some super colours.
Next, we headed over to our foot spa. We enjoyed…

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Image of Shadow Hunting
15 June 2022

Shadow Hunting


The sun has been shining for our ‘Fun in the Sun’ topic and we finally managed to go on a shadow hunt. We had a lovely afternoon hunting for shadows. We used everyday language to talk about size, quantities, patterns and shapes. Afterwards, we got into pairs and drew around our own…

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Image of A visit from Dogs Trust
10 June 2022

A visit from Dogs Trust


We had a lovely visit from Dogs Trust this week. The lady told us why we should be careful around dogs and showed us techniques to make sure we are safe.

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Image of Fun in the Sun
10 June 2022

Fun in the Sun


We have enjoyed starting our new topic ‘Fun in the Sun’ this week. We decided to change our home corner to a beach with an ice-cream shop. We have had lots of fun making different flavoured ice-cream for our friends. We even done a little bit of fishing

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Image of Celebrating Differences
27 May 2022

Celebrating Differences


We have been celebrating differences as part of our culture’s week. To start off we teamed up with reception and made our own Elmer the Elephant. On each patch, we wrote what makes us special or something we are good at.

Our second activity was making a self-portrait. We looked into a…

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Image of The Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022
27 May 2022

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022

As part of our jubilee celebrations, we each planted some beautiful flowers into a planter. We even made some flags to sit inside of our planter. 

For lunch, we put on our crowns and had a very special afternoon tea. It was delicious!

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Image of Sports Day
20 May 2022

Sports Day

Today the whole school came together for sports day! We have had a brilliant day and we all tried our very best. It was lovely to invite our parents and carers to watch and cheer! 


Well Done Everybody! 

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Image of Our new phonics area!
17 May 2022

Our new phonics area!


The children are doing so well learning their initial sounds, and are starting to blend. So we have extended this further and have made a new phonics area for the children to access during get busy time. They have loved it!


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Image of Mindfulness
17 May 2022



After a very hot lunch time, we came back to nursery and used our mindfulness jar to relax. We laid down onto the floor, placed our hand onto our chest, and watched as the glitter floated to the bottom. We practiced our breathing while laying nice and calm.

Afterwards, we were ready…

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