Image of Goodbye!
23 July 2021


I would like to say a HUGE well done to my class for working so incredibly hard this year.  You have been amazing and have made us all very proud.  You have made my tenth, and final year at Roseberry a very memorable and fun one!  Thank you!

I hope you have a lovely, well deserved break and I…

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Image of WB 12-07-21
16 July 2021

WB 12-07-21

This week, we received a letter and a map from Blackbeard!  We followed the instructions to find the clues, which led us to the booty!

In Literacy, we worked collaboratively to create group poems about the main character (Erin) from our text, The Secret of Black Rock.

In Maths, we…

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Image of WB 05-07-21
9 July 2021

WB 05-07-21

This week, we’ve been very busy drawing bar models to help us work out the total price of items from the shop, as well as the change we would receive. 

In Literacy, we wrote in role as the main character from our book.  We wrote a diary entry from the day she crept onto her mum’s fishing boat…

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Image of WB 28-06-21
2 July 2021

WB 28-06-21

This week, we’ve been extremely busy completing all of our assessments. We’ve all worked our socks off!
We even had time to make some string block prints to use to create repeating patterns of the Jolly Roger flag!


Also, we found out all about Grace Darling, then we wrote diary entries…

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Image of WB 21-06-21
25 June 2021

WB 21-06-21

This week, we’ve been very busy drawing detailed, labelled diagrams of ships.

We also plotted Captain James Cook’s first voyage on a world map, and made pirate dictionaries!

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Image of WB 14-06-21
18 June 2021

WB 14-06-21

As part of our Land Ahoy topic, we used our graphic organiser to make fact files all about Captain James Cook.  We then used our fabulous ICT skills to type up our facts and add images to our Microsoft Publisher documents.

Take a look at our amazing work!

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Image of WB 07-06-2021
10 June 2021

WB 07-06-2021

To start our Land Ahoy topic, we have worked really hard on our drawing skills and have peer critiqued our friend’s work to help them improve their art.

We then used a wax resist technique to colour our drawings.

In literacy, we loved looking at the outlandish photos that were found on…

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Image of Culture Week
28 May 2021

Culture Week

Well done to Year 2 for working incredibly hard during Culture Week.  Look at all of our fabulous work!

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Image of WB 17-05-21
23 May 2021

WB 17-05-21

As part of our Bounce topic, we printed with balloons and made some jazzy pom-poms to create an art installation.


We also worked collaboratively to design and make some fitness themed board games.  We had great fun playing them too!

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Image of WB 10-05-21
14 May 2021

WB 10-05-21

In Maths, we have been learning to tell the time to the nearest 15 minutes on an analogue clock.


In Literacy, we wrote adverts for a variety of anti-bounce products to help the Mr Man, Mr Bounce!


In Topic, we found out why exercise is so important for us, and monitored our…

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Image of WB 26-04-21
30 April 2021

WB 26-04-21

Year 2 have had another very busy week!

In Literacy, we continued to read our book, ‘Bibble and the Bubbles’.  We worked collaboratively to find and highlight the steps to success in an advert for ‘Travel Bubbles’. Then, we wrote our own adverts about the bubbles we had designed.  These…

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