Image of Transition with my new Year 5/6 class!
20 July 2022

Transition with my new Year 5/6 class!

I had a superb couple of days meeting my new class, ready for next year. They all brought in some amazing shoe boxes, filled with items they would take if they were evacuees. Take a look at what they brought. I can’t wait for September!

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Image of Kodu with Y6!
28 June 2022

Kodu with Y6!

Last Friday, I spent the afternoon with the Year 6 class programming using Kodu. The worlds you can see in the picture, are worlds that the children have created themselves. They then spent time coding their ‘bots’ to perform certain movements and actions as you can see in the ‘scripts’ they have…

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Image of Science of Gravity!
17 June 2022

Science of Gravity!

Today, the children were learning about gravity and the force it exerts upon objects. In this particular experiment; a pendulum. Children planned an investigation: do the oscillations across 1 minute increase, decrease or remain the same as an object becomes heavier? As we conducted a fair test…

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Image of Forces in action...
10 June 2022

Forces in action...

Today, we have learned all about centripetal forces and how they act against the pull of gravity. the best way to show this of course, was to have the children try to attempt to move a bucket of water, upside down, over their heads without getting wet. The children quickly learned that, in order…

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Image of Cultures week and planting planters!
27 May 2022

Cultures week and planting planters!

What a superb week, the children have loved learning about Islamic stories, beliefs and symbols. Take a look at our amazing display of all the children’s work. 
To round off the week, we also planted some evergreen ferns in our ‘Jubilee Planters’ - thank you to everyone who contributed towards…

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Image of Sports Morning!
20 May 2022

Sports Morning!

What a morning! The children had a superb Sports Morning and I was so proud of the effort and sportsmanship I saw throughout the event. A huge well done to them all. Take a look at the photos, I have put a few collages together with some amazing action shots. A huge thank you to Mrs Broomhead for…

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Image of Logos!
13 May 2022


This week, the children worked hard to create simple, yet effective logos to use on a mock website they were creating! Some of the logos they have designed and made look truly professional! 

keep an eye on the blog for photos of their webpages too - now those really do look…

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Image of Online Business & Y6 meet Matt Mooney!
29 April 2022

Online Business & Y6 meet Matt Mooney!

To engage the children in our new topic, Tomorrow's World, Matt Mooney from MTB Fitness came to speak to us about his online business and how he promotes and sells his products through social media content and podcasts. He also covered the importance of staying safe online, how he started his…

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Image of Tremendous Topic Homework!
6 April 2022

Tremendous Topic Homework!

We’ve had some superb topic homework this term, including some fantastic PowerPoint presentations! I cannot wait to see what incredible creations you put together for our next topic, Tomorrow’s World.

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Image of Victoria Era Presentations!
17 March 2022

Victoria Era Presentations!

This week, the children were researching what life was like and how Britain progressed through the Industrial Revolution. Take a look above at all the superb and professional presentations that out together. 

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Image of A Trip to Beamish!
10 March 2022

A Trip to Beamish!

Despite the weather, we had a superb trip to Beamish to investigate what life was really like during the Victorian times. The children took a close look at what the dentist had to offer, spent time learning about the Free Masons, explored the pit village and what life was like for the working…

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Image of Cultures Week: Sikhism
17 February 2022

Cultures Week: Sikhism

This week has been as you would expect of a culture week: busy yet epic! The Y5&6 classes have been studying Sikh symbols, beliefs and stories. Check out the superb work the children have created and even hover your phone over the QR codes to hear the story of ‘Guru Gobind and the Khalsa Sikhs!’

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