Image of Sweet Science
18 July 2022

Sweet Science

Science investigation: Will the biggest hand grab the most sweets?

The children designed and conducted an experiment to see if the biggest hand would grab the most sweets. They drew around their hands on squared paper and calculated the area. After collecting their results, they calculated…

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Image of Do you love crocodiles?
13 July 2022

Do you love crocodiles?

Taking inspiration from the children's book 'Do you love bugs?' by Matt Robertson, the children have designed their own page on crocodiles that could feature in his book. They looked closely at his style of writing and selected appropriate information to include for a younger audience. The…

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Image of Going wild in the Wildlife Area!
13 July 2022

Going wild in the Wildlife Area!

The children loved exploring the wildlife area this morning. They loved making dens, whittling sticks, building fires and relaxing in the hammocks.


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Image of Using our research skills
6 July 2022

Using our research skills

The children have been using their ICT skills to research about the life of Henry VIII and then were asked to create a factsheet on the iPads using the knowledge they have learnt. They worked superbly together to create their finished product.

Topic homework continues to be brought in and the…

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Image of Restart the heart!
5 July 2022

Restart the heart!

Today, two of our parents very kindly offered their time to give the children a session on how to do CPR and how to keep our hearts healthy. We started the session by discussing what they would do if they found someone unwell and how to use their mobile phones to phone for help. All of the…

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Image of Fabulous Work!
1 July 2022

Fabulous Work!

Another fantastic week of work! The children have learned all about the life of Anne Boleyn: her trial, her execution and her last words. They discussed whether she was treated fairly by Henry VIII and how this showed what sort of character they both were. 

Topic homework has also started…

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Image of Solids, liquids and gases
24 June 2022

Solids, liquids and gases

In science, the children have been learning about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. They have sorted objects into the appropriate groups and looked at the particle theory, arranging themselves in hoops to show the difference between the 3 states of matter. They then learned about how…

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Image of Gruesome Tudor Punishments
23 June 2022

Gruesome Tudor Punishments

In ICT, the children have been exploring the ‘Google Arts and Culture’ app, where they were able to research into any topic. They looked at a range of cultural institutions and artists from around the world.

Continuing with our topic, the children have loved learning about different types of…

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Image of Henry's wives
16 June 2022

Henry's wives

As part of our topic 'Off with her head', the children have been researching about Henry VIII's six wives. The learnt lots of facts about them and created an engaging non-chronological report. They look amazing!

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Image of Off with her head!
9 June 2022

Off with her head!

This week, we have started our new topic 'Off with her head!', where we will explore the life of Henry VIII and how Tudors lived during this time. 

As part of the Engage experience, the children met Queen Elizabeth I: Meet the ailing figure, Queen Elizabeth I, as she speaks from her deathbed in…

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Image of Platinum Jubilee
27 May 2022

Platinum Jubilee

Today we've had a great day celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. The children had a special assembly and enjoyed making crowns for their special jubilee afternoon tea lunch. The children also very kindly donated money towards our jubilee planter, which has been filled with lots of colourful…

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Image of Culture Week: Islam
26 May 2022

Culture Week: Islam

For culture week, we have focused our learning on Islam. The children have learnt lots of different information about Islamic places of worship and created a wonderful factsheet about it. 

We have also created clay tiles with Islamic geometric patterns along with stained glass windows. They…

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