Image of Nursery games
9 July 2021

Nursery games

This week we had our very own nursery games. 

The children were very eager to talk about the football match, so we decided to make a goal post.  They had good coordination and scored some great goals

Next, the children made their very own obstacle course from construction bricks. The…

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Image of Sea creature rescue!
9 July 2021

Sea creature rescue!

We've talked about how we should always look after our beach. We could remember seeing lots of rubbish on the sand and said we will always put our rubbish in the bin.

Our very own nursery sea creatures needed saving, as they were stuck in ice.

We thought about what we could use to free the…

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Image of Water play
28 June 2021

Water play

Today the children were interested in filling and pouring in the water tray. We found lots of pipes and the children worked well with each other to connect them together. They decided it was a ‘waterfall’.

First, the pipes were down on the ground and the children wondered why the water didn’t…

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Image of Ice-cream role play
23 June 2021

Ice-cream role play

Unfortunately we can't have real ice-cream everyday in nursery, so today we made our own. 

This morning we made our very own ice-cream using real cones, sprinkles and foaming soap. We explored different textures and smells. The children used words such as, pink, soft, wobbly, smelly, and…

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Image of We're making our very own Ice - Cream
17 June 2021

We're making our very own Ice - Cream

Tomorrow in Nursery (Friday afternoon) we are making our very own ice cream with an ice-cream maker. 

The ingredients are displayed on the thumbnail picture. 

All dietary needs will be adhered to during any activity that involves tasting that occurs within school.

If your child has any…

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Image of We all scream for Ice - cream!
15 June 2021

We all scream for Ice - cream!

We started our new topic ‘How many pebbles on the beach?’ by having Ice cream! We talked about the different things we could do at the beach and we thought of some delicious foods.

We discussed our favourite flavour of ice cream, and then we scooped, dipped and poured as we made our very own.

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Image of Family traditions
28 May 2021

Family traditions

This week we have been learning all about family traditions.

We made a church for our role play area and christened one of our babies. 

We talked about birthdays and could remember key events and parties we had for our birthdays, we especially enjoyed making birthday cupcakes! 

Lastly we…

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Image of Cultures week - Our pretend wedding
28 May 2021

Cultures week - Our pretend wedding

Within cultures week we have been learning about family traditions such as birthdays, christenings and weddings. Today, we put on our party clothes and had our very own 'pretend' wedding, we had a fabulous day. 

We had a lovely ceremony, played party games, had a boogie and of course ate some…

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Image of Afternoon Tea
20 May 2021

Afternoon Tea

We were very lucky today as we enjoyed an 'Afternoon Tea' for our school lunch.

There were so many delicious sandwiches, sausage rolls, quiches, cakes and other treats to choose from.

We love school dinners!!

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Image of Celebration of our work.
18 May 2021

Celebration of our work.

We love to display the children's work across our nursery. The children often walk around and can see their beautiful work displayed. This gives us the opportunity to talk to the children about what we have learnt about in nursery this term.

 The children often like to show other members of…

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Image of Fun in the sun!
17 May 2021

Fun in the sun!

The children love spending time in our outdoor area. We provide a stimulating and safe environment where the children can learn, play, explore and take risks.

Risky play allows children to challenge themselves on many levels:

  • Physically – by climbing a little higher, running a little…
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