18 June 2019

Fire Service

This morning, the Fire Service visited the children to show them the fire engine and to talk to them about fire safety. Thank you very much for visiting, the children really enjoyed it.

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12 June 2019

First Aid session

This afternoon, a first aid trainer came and taught the children lots of useful things including the recovery position. The children were incredibly engaged in the session and practised on their friends so that they feel confident in administering some first aid.

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Image of Warm and cold trees
7 June 2019

Warm and cold trees

Today, the children have created pictures of warm and cold trees. Firstly, they carefully sketched out the outline of their trees taking their time to ensure that the proportion of them was correct. Next, they went around their outlines in oil pastels and then they finished their creations using…

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6 June 2019

SAW week: Day 3

Today, the children have been researching and discussing the topic of Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. When they were researching about this topic, they found out some startling facts:

  • Every Christmas, 11,000 football pitches worth of wrapping paper is thrown away.
  • Americans throw away over 4oo…
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Image of SAW week: Day 2
5 June 2019

SAW week: Day 2

Today, the children have been taking inspiration from Monet to create their own acrylic paintings of landscapes.

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5 June 2019

SAW week: Epic Earth

Yesterday, the children started their next SAW week: Epic Earth. In the morning, the children learnt about the Amazon rain forest and then worked with their partner to create their own poems. In the afternoon, they made animal pom poms.

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Image of Roseberry Topping mosaic
4 June 2019

Roseberry Topping mosaic

Our class mosaic of Roseberry Topping is complete!

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Image of Sports Day
23 May 2019

Sports Day

Well done everyone for a fantastic sports morning and congratulations to Blue team for their victory.

Huge thank you to Jon for the music, Mr Thompson for adding up the scores and those parents who entered the parent race.

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22 May 2019

Our visit to Magna

Today, the children have visited Magna near Sheffield. They had a wonderful day exploring the 4 areas of the museum: Earth, Air, Water and Wind. Whilst we were there, the children also had a workshop on the planets and stars – they particularly enjoyed the part where they made a rocket. Thank you…

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Image of Sketching
17 May 2019


The children have been perfecting their sketching techniques and practising how to shade using the art pencils. They sketched images of eyes, flowers and landscapes to fit in with our topic ‘Who are we?’ The children helped one another to succeed and I think the results are…

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9 May 2019

3D shapes

Today, the children have been working collaboratively to answer a range of fluency and reasoning questions on 3D shapes. They have written some excellent explanations to justify their answers – well done everyone!

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Image of Pointillism
24 April 2019


This afternoon, the children have been learning about the technique of pointillism. They are going to use this way of painting to create their own images of Roseberry Topping. They started by sketching the outline and have started with their first dots of paint.

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