Image of A special treat
19 July 2022

A special treat

We’ve had a fabulous day despite the weather causing disappointment to our trip. This morning we watched a Punch and Judy show followed by magic. In the the afternoon we cooled down with a treat of ice cream. A big thank you to RAFT for their donations.


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Image of Model Animal Eyes
18 July 2022

Model Animal Eyes

Final finished and what a brilliant job the children have made with their model eyes to complete our Predator topic. Worth showing off at Stokesley Show in September!

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Image of Predator Topic Homework
8 July 2022

Predator Topic Homework

Our display of topic homework looked amazing.  We were really pleased with the variety and quality of the homework the children brought in.  We have had the chance for each child to share their work in our class discussions today.  Well done, everyone!

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Image of Restart the Heart
5 July 2022

Restart the Heart

A big thank you to Mr Van Loo and Mr Bradshaw for teaching the children how to save our lives! The children now know what to do in an emergency situation. They discussed what steps to take if a person was  found collapsed on the floor. They practised heart compressions on the manikins and learnt…

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Image of Meet Bertie
1 July 2022

Meet Bertie

We were very excited to find a large beetle in the classroom today. We used Google to find out that “Bertie” as we called him, is a Clock Beetle or Strawberry Beetle. We discovered that these beetles are predators, preferring to eat slugs, snails and insects. They will sometimes eat soft fruit if…

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Image of Predator or Prey?
1 July 2022

Predator or Prey?

We have been exploring the frog’s food chain, is it a predator or is it prey? We discovered their prey include flies, butterflies and grasshoppers. These creatures eat producers, such as rotten vegetables, nectar and wheat. The frog is eaten by snakes, heron and otters. Heron and otters are apex…

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Image of Investigating Owl Pellets
24 June 2022

Investigating Owl Pellets

Today, we have been using our science skills to carefully dissect and investigate the contents of owl pellets. Mrs Channing kindly collected some barn owl pellets and sterilised them for us. We watched videos of owls regurgitating their pellets. As we examined them, in amongst all the fur, we…

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Image of Bird Sketches
22 June 2022

Bird Sketches

Superb sketching during for our topic work!

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Image of How do we move?
18 June 2022

How do we move?

Following on from learning the names of major bones in our bodies, we have explored our joints. First, we tried to walk to assembly without bending our knees or elbows. We realised that drinking from our bottles would be impossible without our joints! We tried to count the number of bones in our…

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Image of Fossils and Skeletons
14 June 2022

Fossils and Skeletons

Lots of brilliant learning this week! The children have enjoyed investigating fossils and using clues to decide what different types of dinosaur ate. Following on from this, we have learnt all about exoskeletons and endoskeletons. We played guess the animal and labelled the human skeleton. In…

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Image of Being Safe Around Dogs
12 June 2022

Being Safe Around Dogs

On Thursday this week, we enjoyed a visit from The Dogs’ Trust. We learned how to keep ourselves safe when approaching unfamiliar dogs, what to do if they attacked us and how to ensure we don’t upset dogs by respecting their space and feelings. 

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Image of Culture Week - Islam and Celebrations
27 May 2022

Culture Week - Islam and Celebrations


This week the children have enjoyed learning all about the religion of Islam. They’ve focussed on the festival of Ramadan and Eid. We’ve produced some fabulous pieces of writing about the five pillars which, are the five key principles that all Muslims are obligated to fulfil in their…

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