Image of Happy holidays!
17 July 2020

Happy holidays!

It is the last day of the school year and what a year it has been! I would like to say a huge thank you, for all of your hard work, your determination to keep learning even when we could not come to school and your resilience when the situation became difficult or strange.

I am continually…

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16 July 2020

This week's fabulous learning!

Thank you for another week of super learning and producing some fabulous pieces of work at home and school! I am so impressed with all of your hard work over the last week you have made me so proud!

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Image of Tiger Canvas
16 July 2020

Tiger Canvas

Where do you think you will find this beautiful piece of artwork in school?

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9 July 2020

Home learning!

This week I have seen some more fabulous home learning. Here are a few examples of the wonderful work produced at home!

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2 July 2020

Creating our own Picasso art work!

This afternoon we had lots of fun learning about Picasso and how he used Cubism to create strange pieces of art work. The children used his work as inspiration to create their own piece of abstract art!

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2 July 2020

This week's home learning!

Another great week of learning at home and in school! The children have enjoyed writing letters, planning a party and answering questions about the story 'The Jolly Postman'. We have compared numbers and partitioned numbers into tens and ones in Maths. In art we have sketched trees or bushes and…

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Image of Online safety!
30 June 2020

Online safety!

Here is some useful information regarding  e-safety. Children at this time are spending more time accessing online gaming, this website will provide parents/carers with some useful activities to do with all children to ensure they understand how to stay safe online.

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Image of Outdoor sketching!
29 June 2020

Outdoor sketching!

This afternoon the children enjoyed taking their sketching paper and pencils outdoors to draw things they could see in their immediate environment. Some of the children drew the trees and bushes, others drew the flowers and the buildings. 

The children concentrated on their pencil marks and…

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26 June 2020

Wonderful home learning!

This week has seen another fabulous week of learning at home. The children have produced some wonderful pieces of work!

Well done every you are amazing!

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25 June 2020

Chalk pictures!

Today we had lots of fun outdoors creating some fabulous chalk pictures! The children used their imaginations and produces some houses, trains, dragons, rockets and footballs!!

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24 June 2020

Nature artwork!

The children had lots of fun creating their own pieces of nature artwork. They collected lots of different leaves, twigs, flowers and acorns to create their artwork


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Image of A wonderful PE session!
23 June 2020

A wonderful PE session!

The children had a lovely afternoon learning some new PE skills. They used the hockey sticks to dribble, bean bags for throwing and a racket for balancing! 

Well done everyone you all worked so hard!

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