Image of Tiger Canvas
16 July 2020

Tiger Canvas

Where will you find this beautiful artwork?

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Image of Busy Bees
8 July 2020

Busy Bees

Well you would never think that it is nearly time to break up for the Summer.  We have been working our socks off this week so far.

I have been so proud of the children I have in school and the children who are working from home as they are being such busy little bees.

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Image of Robots and Machines
1 July 2020

Robots and Machines

Some lovely work from the children learning at school and those learning at home.  The theme of Robots and Machines has been really popular and full of engagement from all of the children.


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Image of Chilling with a good book
25 June 2020

Chilling with a good book

It was soooooooo hot today but this didn't stop us from doing our reading,  We enjoyed chilling out whilst we read our books.  Today's book was very aptly named 'In the sun'.  Some of us even found a lovely shady spot in the willow den to enjoy our ERIC time (Everyone Reading In…

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Image of Building Stamina in Writing
24 June 2020

Building Stamina in Writing

I was totally blown away today and not because of the weather.  We have been trying to increase our stamina when writing and extending our sentences to get lots of details in.  Just look at this amazing writing - I am super super proud.  What is even more amazing is that some of these children are…

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Image of A super start to our Robots Topic
23 June 2020

A super start to our Robots Topic

Today as part of our Robot topic some of us have been creating our own robots using different pieces of metal from the Transient Art Tray and using shapes from the Number Area.  Don't they look fabulous.   I also received some fabulous work from one of our busy bees working from home.  We seem to…

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Image of Apology letters to Harris
18 June 2020

Apology letters to Harris

Today, as part of our Power of Reading session, we pretended we were George the dog and thought about the letters we wanted to write to Harris to say sorry for doing lots of silly things. 

We looked at how a letter is written and how it starts off with the name of the person the letter is going…

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Image of Phonics, Maths and Pets Topic Work
17 June 2020

Phonics, Maths and Pets Topic Work

In Phonics today we have all been very busy bees.  Mrs Barker's group have been recapping all of the Set 2 sounds by reading the sounds, reading words containing the sounds and spelling words with the sounds in them.  We also wrote sentences using these sounds.  Today we read the book Stop and…

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Image of Oh No George
15 June 2020

Oh No George

Today we enjoyed sharing the book Oh No George by Chris Haughton.

Before we started to read the book we had a talk about what we thought the character might be called and what we thought the character was.

When then found out he was a dog called George.  We looked carefully at the picture of…

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Image of Double the Fun!!
12 June 2020

Double the Fun!!

During Maths today we looked at Doubles.  We were so clever at holding up the right number of fingers to show how to make a double.  Mrs Barker wrote a number on the board and we used our fingers to show how to represent the number as a double.

Can you see which numbers we are representing as a…

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Image of The Foolish Fox - Time to Talk Session
11 June 2020

The Foolish Fox - Time to Talk Session

Today during our little Time to Talk session we read a story called