10 November 2022


This week, we have enjoyed learning about Boudicca in Topic. We learned how she was the leader of the Celtic Icini Tribe and about the battles she fought in. Using this knowledge, we produced some fabulous fact files all about her. We were amazed by the fact that no one knows what really happened…

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5 November 2022

Roman Relics

This week, we enjoyed a fantastic start to our new topic, Romans, by taking part in an online session with Durham University. We looked at maps of where the Romans had conquered and learned that names ending in 'chester' were once Roman settlements. The historian then explained how artefacts…

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Image of Culture Week, Buddhism
21 October 2022

Culture Week, Buddhism

This week we have enjoyed learning all about Buddhism festivals and places of worship as part of culture week.

We found out about the Buddhist celebration of Wesak, also known as Buddha Day. Wesak is the most important of the Buddhist festivals and is celebrated on the full moon in May. We…

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14 October 2022


This week, we have finished reading our story ‘The Firework Maker’s daughter.’ We wrote a diary extract and challenged ourselves to include some tricky RAG words. We were enthused by all the new vocabulary, and were keen to use thesauruses in our writing to keep on discovering new words. We all…

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7 October 2022

Earthquake proof buildings

Today, we had lots of fun getting creative and making our own earthquake proof buildings. We used a variety of materials, such as paper, cardboard and sellotape to create a building which could withstand an earthquake.

Our type of building was selected at random. In our groups we either had a…

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29 September 2022

Roman Towns

This week, after learning all about Pompeii and the destruction caused by Mount Vesuvius, we thought about what life would’ve been like in a Roman town. We learned about their lifestyle, interesting foods they ate and their hobbies before writing a fact file to present our information.


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23 September 2022

Volcano creations

This week, we have had lots of fun using mod roc and painting our volcano models. We worked together, using teamwork and communication skills, to cover our structures with mod roc. Once finished, we evaluated our volcano models. We thought about what we were pleased with, how we could improve our…

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16 September 2022

A Super Second Week

This week the children have been focused and enthusiastic in all areas of learning.


In English, we have started to read the text ‘The Firework maker’s daughter’ by Philip Pullman. We are looking forward to discovering what will happen next for our main character, Lila.


In Topic,…

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9 September 2022

A fantastic first week!

What a fantastic first week back we've had!  

It was lovely welcoming all of the children into their new classroom on Tuesday. All of the children have worked really hard and enjoyed their first week back at Roseberry. 

Learning started straight away for the Year 4 children, with us learning…

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