Image of TTRS Final!
20 July 2021

TTRS Final!

Hi folks,

Well the results are in and what a finale it was!! Mr Bourne's class were finally knocked off top spot for the first time this year, leaving Mrs Charlton's and Mrs Murton's classes tied for top spot! So how could we resolve the tie break? Well, we will be having an 'Extra Time…

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Image of The Final TTRS Battle of the Classes!
13 July 2021

The Final TTRS Battle of the Classes!

Here it is folks, the final TTRS battle of the year! It's the decider - which class will be the best? Take a look at the league table below, it's all fairly tight at the top, only 3 points separating the top three classes! 

You have until 3:30pm on Monday 19th July to get yourselves logged on…

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Image of Off with her Head
10 June 2021

Off with her Head

As part of the new topic - we are looking at the Tudor dynasty and the impact of Henry VIII on life in the Tudors.  We will be investigating his role in the murder of his 2nd wife and also how he was able to create his own church.

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Image of Favourite Singer
6 May 2021

Favourite Singer

Class Task:

To research and produce a short (2 mins) presentation on power point of your favourite artist/ band to the class

Ideas of what to include:


  • Background info e.g. date of birth, where they grew up etc.


  • Best songs/ hits – chart positions (include sound clips…
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Image of TTRS Round 4!
4 May 2021

TTRS Round 4!

What a start back to the TTRS league after the long break following school closures! I'm sure where were a few frustrated children our there tying to regain the speeds they were achieving in December! We had some close matches though and we even saw Mr Bourne's class defeated for the first time…

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Image of Varjak Paw - Types of cats
27 April 2021

Varjak Paw - Types of cats

Varjak Paw and his family are pure-bred Mesopotamian Blues, which is a breed invented by the book’s author, S F Said.

The closest cat to fit the description is a breed called a Chartreux

Could this have been the inspiration for Varjak Paw?

As a class we tried to find out as much as we…

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Image of The Sound Collector
26 April 2021

The Sound Collector

The Sound Collector – by Roger McGough


A stranger called this morning

Dressed all in black and grey

Put every sound into a bag

And carried it away


The whistling of the kettle

The turning of the lock

The purring of the kitten

The ticking of the clock



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Image of Varjak Paw
15 April 2021

Varjak Paw

The prediction:

Varjak Paw is a black cat, who has to learn life the hard way.  He was abandoned and found by an old man who took him in and looked after him, however, what Varjak Paw didn’t know, was that he was about to live in the neighbourhood of the most menacing kind.  //Other cats…

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