15 April 2021

The prediction:

Varjak Paw is a black cat, who has to learn life the hard way.  He was abandoned and found by an old man who took him in and looked after him, however, what Varjak Paw didn’t know, was that he was about to live in the neighbourhood of the most menacing kind.  //Other cats around here were not like him and didn’t behave like him, these cats were fierce and ready to pick on the newest cat who dared to walk the streets*.  Varjak Paw would have to train and become like one of them if he was to beat them to their own game.  The only way to do this, was to become part of the gang, but secretly, he had to find an alternative group, who could train him to be the smartest cat on the street.  Varjak Paw is completely black some would say as black as the night sky, with orange piercing eyes that penetrate the darkest corners and if you happen to stare into those eyes, you became transfixed.  What was he thinking?  What were those eyes looking for?  Varjak wondered whether he would survive, whether the old man would treat him kindly.  The old man seemed honest, he fed him and ensured he was well looked after.  The old man seemed huge to Varjak, the biggest human he had ever seen.

*The streets were the meanest, most dangerous streets in the whole of Stokesley.

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Category: Mr Bourne Year 4/5 2020-2021

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