Image of Time to say Goodbye !
23 July 2021

Time to say Goodbye !

A message to my class …

Watercolor Heart Clipart - Heart Sketch Clip Art | Full Size PNG Download |  SeekPNGWatercolor Heart Clipart - Heart Sketch Clip Art | Full Size PNG Download |  SeekPNGWatercolor Heart Clipart - Heart Sketch Clip Art | Full Size PNG Download |  SeekPNG


I’ve loved being your teacher

And watching all of you grow


It’s sad the year is over

And it’s time for you to go

Keep Your Peepers Safe! - KellyEye

Before you do I’d like to say

I’ve had so much fun every single day


You’ve worked so hard and shown you’ve cared

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Image of Our last week of school
21 July 2021

Our last week of school

It is so sad that we couldn't spend our last week of school all together but I am so proud that my class continued to learn at home.

We have been taking a trip down Reception Memory Lane, recreating and talking about some of our favourite activities that we enjoyed during our time in…

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Image of Environmental Day
16 July 2021

Environmental Day

Today was whole school Environmental Day and although school was closed that did not stop super learning from taking place.

I was so proud of my little superstars who were busy at home creating under the sea creatures from junk modelling materials and finding ways of re-using plastic bottles. …

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Image of Learning Outside
9 July 2021

Learning Outside

We love learning outside!!!!

This afternoon we have been measuring, designing and building obstacle courses, completing Lego challenges, demonstrating our cartwheels and a little bit of chilling out on the dream bus.

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Image of Storms & Whales
9 July 2021

Storms & Whales

This week we have been very excited about the different types of weather that we have been having, especially the thunder storms.

We used lots of descriptive words to describe what we could see and hear and how it made us feel.

Windy, stormy, rumbles, dark clouds, flashes, bangs, loud,…

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Image of Lego Challenge
2 July 2021

Lego Challenge

Lego Challenge


This week we have had a challenge to create sea creatures using the small construction.


First, we needed to make an ocean scene for the sea creatures to live in.  We used one of the large fruit boxes and covered it with different blue papers.  We used yellow paint to…

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Image of Starfish Rescue Mission
2 July 2021

Starfish Rescue Mission

Starfish Rescue Mission


Our Maths Table challenge was a very important mission.  The naughty shark had locked the poor starfish up with padlocks.  It was our job to solve the maths questions and find the right key to unlock the padlocks.