Image of Wonderful writing!
10 November 2022

Wonderful writing!

Year 3 have produced some fabulous pieces of writing, inspired by the story 'Papa God' from the book 'Tales of Wisdom and Wonder' written by Hugh Lupton.

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7 November 2022

Music is fun!

Everyone had great fun in music, learning to play 'G' on a glockenspiel. The children had to play along to the song 'Mamma Mia', keep in time to the music and sing along to the song!

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Image of Comparing countries!
4 November 2022

Comparing countries!

Year 3 enjoyed learning and making comparisons between Italy and the United Kingdom. The children were surprised at how similar our culture, climate and food are, but also how different our landmarks, population size and physical characteristics are.


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Image of Roman timeline
3 November 2022

Roman timeline

The children enjoyed working together to create their own Roman timeline.

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3 November 2022

Durham University Online Session

What a brilliant start to the week! Yesterday, the class enjoyed learning all about the Romans during an online session from Durham University. They looked at maps of where the Romans had conquered and learned that names ending in 'Chester' were once Roman settlements. The historian then talked…

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Image of Culture week- Buddhism
20 October 2022

Culture week- Buddhism

This week has been culture week. We have had a great time learning all about Buddhism. We have focused our learning on Buddhism festivals and places of worship.

The children have enjoyed learning about Nirvana day. Nirvana Day is an annual Buddhist festival that remembers the death of the…

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Image of A great week in Yr3!
14 October 2022

A great week in Yr3!

This week has been another fabulous one, with some excellent work, wonderful collaboration and great fun!

This week we have finished reading our story ‘The Firework Maker’ the children enjoyed reading the story and hearing the tale of Lila. The end task was to write a diary extract using…

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6 October 2022

Creating our own earthquake proof buildings!

Today we had great fun getting creative and making our own earthquake proof buildings. The children were given a variety of materials and asked to create a building, which they felt could withstand an earthquake. The children enjoyed the challenge and quickly got to work in their team. 


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Image of Sketching the people of Pompeii!
29 September 2022

Sketching the people of Pompeii!

This week we've been working on our sketching skills. After learning all about Pompeii and the destruction caused by Mount Vesuvius, we learned about the bodies that were left behind. We looked closely at the different body shapes, where they might have been found, what they could have been…

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Image of Creating our volcanoes!
23 September 2022

Creating our volcanoes!

This week we've had lots of fun using Modroc and painting our volcano models which we made last week.

The children were fabulous at working together talking about where the Modroc needed to be placed, supporting each other when the material got twisted and then thinking carefully about the…

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Image of A wonderful week of learning!
16 September 2022

A wonderful week of learning!

This week the children have worked incredibly hard in all areas of learning. They’ve shown resilience when they have found activities tricky, used their communication skills to ask questions and ask for help and shown engagement in all the learning taking place.

During English we have started…

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Image of Amazing Volcanoes!
9 September 2022

Amazing Volcanoes!

Welcome back! 

We've had a fabulous first week back at school, it was lovely welcoming all of the children into their new classroom on Tuesday. All of the children have made some new friends, worked really hard and enjoyed their first week back at Roseberry. 

Learning started straight away…

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