Image of Tiger Canvas
16 July 2020

Tiger Canvas

Where do you think you'll find this in school?

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Image of Beautiful work!
16 July 2020

Beautiful work!

I have attached some of our topic homework and beautiful work that the children have created over the past week. I am so very proud of all the work they have produced and the amazing level of engagement on Teams! Well done, guys! I think you should all now have a well deserved holiday!

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Image of TTRS Tournament Results!
3 July 2020

TTRS Tournament Results!

What a finale to the TTRS tournament! Each class have played each other twice (home and away) and the final results can be seen below. 

It was a tense end to the battles this week: Mrs Murton's and Miss Harmar's class were neck and neck right until the end, Mrs Kearns' class made an amazing,…

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Image of Beautiful work on Tudor Court Rules!
29 June 2020

Beautiful work on Tudor Court Rules!

Here are some examples of the fantastic and authentic looking creations my class have made on the Tudor court rules! This is clearly a topic the kids have gained an awful lot from and I cannot wait to see what they will create for the topic project this week!

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Image of TTRS: The Final Class Battle!
29 June 2020

TTRS: The Final Class Battle!

This is it guys, the final class battle of the year! Mrs Murton's class (a little like Liverpool) cannot be caught and have won the title, however, some say that you're only as good as your last match! Can they end it on a high? Can Mrs Kearns' class build on their win from last week? Who will…

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Image of TTRS Battle Results!
26 June 2020

TTRS Battle Results!

What a finish and what a week! It appears there are chinks in the armour of Mr Murton's class as they succumbed to a stunning display by Mrs Kearns' class - well done guys, you have been the first class to beat the year 5/6 class. Mrs Davis' class were well and truly ahead at the break of day too,…

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Image of Class Battles: Round 9!
22 June 2020

Class Battles: Round 9!

Good morning, all! It's time to resume the class battles this week. We have quite a week lined up: can Mrs Murton's class remain undefeated against Mrs Kearns' class? Can Mrs Chalrton's class build on their amazing score from the previous week to overcome Miss Harmar's class? And, who will take…

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Image of Battle of the Year Groups!
19 June 2020

Battle of the Year Groups!

Well it's been a great week of battling, well done to all those who took part! Year 6, after being initially worried that they wouldn't be able to compete as fiercely as the Year 5's because they were in school lessons, put in a spirited effort to clinch that particular battle by 3000+ points!…

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Image of Tudors - Beautiful Work!
18 June 2020

Tudors - Beautiful Work!

I have been really impressed with the quality of the work my class has produced over the past couple of weeks! Take a look below at the self portraits, the Jester's riddles and the fact file posters about major Tudor monarchs. 

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Image of TTRS Battle of the Year Groups!
15 June 2020

TTRS Battle of the Year Groups!

Good morning, all! I have decided to give class competitions a break this week. Instead, we have year group battles: Year 2 Vs Year 3, Year 3 are playing Year 4 too and it's year 5 Vs year 6. 

But, I wonder which year group can score the highest points and be crowned the greatest year group in…

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Image of TTR Battle 8 Results!
12 June 2020

TTR Battle 8 Results!

What a week...again! We had some incredibly high scores this week with Mrs Mruton's and Mrs Charlton's classes reaching the 34, 000 point mark. In fact one child from Mrs Charlton's class scored a mind boggling 28, 000+ points which is absolutely amazing and truly heroic! unfortunately for them…

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Image of TTRS Round 8 Update!
9 June 2020

TTRS Round 8 Update!

Hi all, check out below for the latest TTRS battle update.

I'm not sure Mr Moore's class have got out of bed this week. Is it going to be a close one for Mrs Murton's class? Can Mrs Charlton's class stop the year 5/6's winning streak? We'll find out by 12pm on Friday!

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