Image of TTRS Final!
20 July 2021

TTRS Final!

Hi folks,

Well the results are in and what a finale it was!! Mr Bourne's class were finally knocked off top spot for the first time this year, leaving Mrs Charlton's and Mrs Murton's classes tied for top spot! So how could we resolve the tie break? Well, we will be having an 'Extra Time…

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Image of The Final TTRS Battle of the Classes!
13 July 2021

The Final TTRS Battle of the Classes!

Here it is folks, the final TTRS battle of the year! It's the decider - which class will be the best? Take a look at the league table below, it's all fairly tight at the top, only 3 points separating the top three classes! 

You have until 3:30pm on Monday 19th July to get yourselves logged on…

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Image of Fabulous Writing
8 July 2021

Fabulous Writing

This week, the children have produced some fantastic writing all about the planets in our Solar System. They researched facts and then used their steps to success to produce some superb pieces of writing. Their pictures are excellent too, you should be feeling very proud!


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Image of Our brilliant Rover designs
1 July 2021

Our brilliant Rover designs

The children used ICT to research different rovers that have visited different planets. Using this knowledge, they then designed their own rover based on ones they had seen and labelled it with the materials they would use explaining why they had been chosen. Their designs look…

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24 June 2021


This week, we have continued our learning on the Moon. The children have been learning about different types of craters on the Moon and how they are formed. They conducted an experiment to see if the size and height at which an object is dropped alters the size of the crater that is formed. 


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Image of Our Magnificent Moon
16 June 2021

Our Magnificent Moon

This week, we have been focusing our learning on the Moon. The children used their ICT skills to research facts and then produced a fabulous fact sheet. We also used Oreo biscuits to create the phases of the Moon and finally, the children had a go using the VR googles, where they explored…

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Image of How big are the planets?
10 June 2021

How big are the planets?

As part of our Engage for our new topic ‘Stargazers’, the children explored size and scale of the planets in our Solar System. They worked out the order of the planets and then had to match everyday objects to the planets to understand the scale. We used a melon for Jupiter, a grapefruit for…

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Image of Stargazer Graphic Organiser
8 June 2021

Stargazer Graphic Organiser

Here is the knowledge graphic organiser for our next topic 'Stargazers'. 

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Image of Culture Week: Islam
27 May 2021

Culture Week: Islam

We have had a great week learning all about Islam as part of our Culture week. The children have created information pages, Islamic stained-glass windows and geometric clay tiles, and they all look amazing. 

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Image of A fantastic start to Culture week!
25 May 2021

A fantastic start to Culture week!

This week for Culture Week, we are focusing on Islam. The children have created some wonderful information sheets after they had learnt all about where they worship, what the 5 pillars of Islam are and what their main beliefs are. 

After learning lots of Islamic facts, the children created…

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Image of Terrific Topic Homework
24 May 2021

Terrific Topic Homework

The children have produced some superb topic homework for our current topic 'Alchemy Island'. We have had a range of different artwork, science experiments, PowerPoints and cooking - well done everyone!


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