4 July 2019


A few weeks ago, the children came into school very excited. They had noticed a new member in our classroom – Forky (he’s from Toystory 4 if anyone is unsure!)

Forky ventures around the classroom sitting in front of a different child each day; it might be for tackling a tricky maths problem,…

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4 July 2019

Outstanding Topic Homework!

On Monday, we showcased our homework projects from our current topic, ‘Grand Designs’.

I was SO impressed with the quality of the work. Thank you to all the parents for their continued support and the children for their hard work.

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26 June 2019

What a superstar!

Before 9am this morning, I was greeted with an excited girl who wanted to show me what she had discovered last night. Because she was so enthused with her learning in maths, she went home and found out more about triangles and their properties. She then explained it  to her friend this…

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21 June 2019

Learning about fire!

On Tuesday, the Fire Service visited Year 4/5 to show them the fire engine and to talk to them about fire safety. Thank you very much for coming to visit us, we had a great time!

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21 June 2019

Creative Cases!

Using a variety of stitches, we have created some magnificent cases. It  was lovely  to see so many different values today –  resilience, motivation, kindness, patience and independence.

Mrs Watson gave out a plethora of Yoimoji cards – ask us at home what this means – we’d love to tell…

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14 June 2019

Working collaboratively

This morning, we have been working collaboratively to measure angles in a puzzling picture!

It was quite tricky learning how to use a protractor, but we persevered and used our learning partners to help us get ‘unstuck’.

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Image of Grand Designs!
13 June 2019

Grand Designs!

The children have worked really hard to design, sculpt and paint their  own unique buildings using a variety of skills previously taught.

There are some very creative designers in Year 4/5 !

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Image of A lovely surprise!
13 June 2019

A lovely surprise!

Today after lunchtime,  a child from my class appeared at the door saying , “Mrs Watson there’s a surprise in the classroom for you!” … I walked into the room to quiet children with lots of messages on my whiteboard. Apparently, they just wanted to let me know that I was loved!


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Image of Spectacular SAW Week!
7 June 2019

Spectacular SAW Week!

We began the week by reading this true story.  On June 6th, 1930, engineer Oti Barton and explorer Will Beebe dove into the Ocean inside a hollow metal ball called the Bathysphere.  They were determined to become the first people to see what the deep ocean looks like.

We found out about some…

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Image of Feeling proud of my children
23 May 2019

Feeling proud of my children

This week has been another great week of learning…

In Literacy, we have created our own story map summarising what has happened in the story (Cosmic) so far.

In Maths, we have been learning about  angles. Mr Thompson (a kind volunteer), commented upon how fabulous the lesson had been – this…

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Image of Another great week!
10 May 2019

Another great week!

In Literacy, we’ve been  creating movie trailers for the story we are reading – Cosmic! It was SO much fun!

In Maths, we’ve been learning to add and subtract decimals. We are looking forward to moving on to Statistics next week.

As part of our topic, Grand Designs’, we’ve had some special…

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Image of Grand Designs in Great Ayton!
3 May 2019

Grand Designs in Great Ayton!

On Thursday morning, we ventured into the village looking at all the buildings that are, or used to be schools.

This trip wouldn’t have been nearly as exciting without the fabulous, background knowledge from members of our community. A big thank you to Ian Pearce and all of his friends at Great…

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