We began the week by reading this true story.  On June 6th, 1930, engineer Oti Barton and explorer Will Beebe dove into the Ocean inside a hollow metal ball called the Bathysphere.  They were determined to become the first people to see what the deep ocean looks like.

We found out about some very strange creatures that live in the deepest oceans.

These included:

The Frilled Shark

The Atlantic Wolf Fish

The Fangtooth Fish

The Blobfish

The Vampire Squid

We used this information to help us create our own ‘deep sea creatures’.  We then wrote a report all about how they adapt to their environment.

Using Modroc, we have created these beautiful jellyfish.

We are all concerned about plastics polluting our oceans.  We have been finding out about this and decided to create our own under water collages using plastic bags and sweet wrappers.

We had a great time exploring the ocean using Virtual Reality Goggles.  There was a lot of screaming when the children saw the shark!

Wow! Well done, everybody!