3 May 2019

Exploring sound

At the beginning of the week, we used a variety of different musical instruments to help us understand and investigate how to change the volume and pitch of a sound…

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Image of Outdoor Science
24 April 2019

Outdoor Science

On Tuesday, we understood that sounds are made as a result of vibrations. We used homemade telephones to help us understand how this concept works.

We learned that when you speak into the cup, the back of the cup vibrates. The vibration extends the string and the sound waves, or vibrations move…

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Image of Creative Children
4 April 2019

Creative Children

We’ve been busy creating cards over the past few weeks for Mother’s Day and Easter…

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Image of Topic Homework!
2 April 2019

Topic Homework!

Wow! Take a look at our  homework projects from our latest topic, ‘Where in the World?’ ….

What creative, conscientious children!

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Image of Exceptional efforts…
29 March 2019

Exceptional efforts…

As we have got to the end of our class text, ‘The Ice Palace’, we have been writing a newspaper article based upon the children finally returning home from Starjik’s  palace….

I was blown away by the example below. I wonder if you can spot any of the grammatical terminology that has been…

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Image of The Button Box goes live!
27 March 2019

The Button Box goes live!

Myself and Mrs Murton were extremely proud on Monday and Tuesday, as the children  performed, The Button Box’ to an audience of family and friends. It was fabulous to see such amazing singing, acting, dancing and confidence beaming from the stage; the level of talent was very impressive.


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Image of Loving Learning…
27 March 2019

Loving Learning…

It’s been another successful week of learning in Year 4/5…

In Literacy we have been writing a fact page about surviving in cold conditions.  This is linked to our text ‘Ice Palace’, which is set in Russia.  The boy in the story has to survive freezing conditions.

In Maths we’ve been learning…

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Image of What a fun-filled week!
8 March 2019

What a fun-filled week!

It’s been a busy week again…

In Literacy, we’ve started to read our exciting, new class text, ‘Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells. After reading the first few pages, we gathered ideas about how the language made us feel. We collaborated with our peers, and created a class poem by carefully…

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Image of SAW week!
14 February 2019

SAW week!

The theme for SAW week (science, art and writing) has been space, and we’ve been concentrating all our learning around the moon.

We used these poems as inspiration (see below) to write some of our own about the moon using similes to help us describe it.

We saw this painting by Kandinsky and…

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Image of Wonderful Work!
8 February 2019

Wonderful Work!

Last week, during Literacy,  we began work on our new text, ’The Village that Vanished’.  We have made predictions on what we think it’s going to be about.

In topic lessons, we found out about the area of Africa in which it is set – Mozambique.

This week, we’ve imagined being one of the…

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Image of What a fun-filled week!
25 January 2019

What a fun-filled week!

Take a look at our learning from this week…

In Literacy, we have been  producing poems like the one we had read from, ‘Tales told in Tents’.  What do you think?

Later on in the week, we collaborated with our peers to re-tell a fabulous story, ‘Zarina’s Orchard’,  using our annotated story…

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Image of What a well-travelled class!
14 January 2019

What a well-travelled class!

What a fabulous time we’ve had over the past week, exploring our new topic, ‘Where in the World!’ It’s been really interesting identifying where all our friends and family members have visited – we particularly enjoyed sharing these adventures with our peers. Aren’t we a well-travelled class!


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