Image of Autumn fun!
11 November 2022

Autumn fun!

This week nursery have been experimenting with different painting techniques, including finger painting and using broccoli. We have also been exploring the natural resources we found in our outdoor area!

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Image of Awesome Autumn!
4 November 2022

Awesome Autumn!

This week we started our new topic Awesome Autumn! We have been super busy making magic wands and potions, we have also made Autumn themed play dough and pumpkin soup! Nursery have been practising their Maths skills and making firework display pictures ready for Bonfire Night! 

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Image of Nursery Cultures Week
21 October 2022

Nursery Cultures Week

Here are some activities we have been doing in Nursery this week to celebrate Harvest. 

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Image of Playdough and footprints!
14 October 2022

Playdough and footprints!

This week in nursery we made play dough and painted our feet to make different coloured footprints. 


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Image of Hand print biscuits!
7 October 2022

Hand print biscuits!

This week we made our hand print biscuits! We looked at everyones hands to see whose were the biggest and whose were the smallest, next we decorated our hand prints with lots of yummy icing and different toppings. Then we ate these for snack! 

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Image of Making apple crumble
23 September 2022

Making apple crumble

We have had a great start to nursery, the children have settled in well and enjoyed exploring their new surroundings. Yesterday we joined with reception for welly Wednesday, we found lots of apples growing around our school grounds. We collected these and turned this into a delicious apple crumble…

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