Image of Week ending25th June 2021
25 June 2021

Week ending25th June 2021

Another fantastic week in Year 1. Our theme continues with Bright Lights,Big City. We have created some wonderful Tudor Houses in D&T. The children have enjoyed singing ‘London’s burning’ and had fun trying to burn down the houses.  In maths, we have been learning about money and adding amounts…

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Image of Week beginning 14/6/21
18 June 2021

Week beginning 14/6/21

We have had a lovely week in Year 1. I would like to say a big thank you to your children for welcoming me into their class. We have learnt about The Great Fire of London and read the diary of Samuel Pepys. We had a drama lesson acting out the terrible scenes of the fire. We have some budding…

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Image of Wonderful Writing in Year 1
21 May 2021

Wonderful Writing in Year 1

The children have done some fantastic writing this week, which has been put up on our displays.  Our classroom is looking wonderful, with all the amazing work the children have produced.


The children have been writing about The Lonely Beast and the journey his friend took to be party of…

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Image of Zoo escape caught on tape!!!!
14 May 2021

Zoo escape caught on tape!!!!

A very exciting week in year 1!  You won’t believe it, but we had some escaped animals wandering around! You can watch the video on Teams if you haven’t seen it already!  We had to call the zookeepers to come and take them away!

Afterwards, we decided to find out more about the very important…

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Image of Paws, claws and laptops
7 May 2021

Paws, claws and laptops

We have had an amazing week of learning in year one, producing some truly wonderful work.  I am particularly proud of our wonderful writing.

In topic we have been creating instructional leaflets about how to look after a tiger.  The children wrote about what to feed them, what shelter they need…

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Image of The Tiger who came to Year 1
30 April 2021

The Tiger who came to Year 1

What a fantastic end to the week we’ve had.  Year 1 have done some wonderful literacy work today.

We read The Lonely Beast and came up with some fantastic ideas and facts about him, the special journey he goes on and the people and things he meets.  We were so happy he found his friends!

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Image of Sunflowers in the sunshine
23 April 2021

Sunflowers in the sunshine

What a wonderful way to end this week, enjoying some beautiful weather in the outdoor play area.  Some of the children planted sunflowers and runner beans this afternoon.  We have now got quite a large variety of vegetables growing in our outdoor area - peas, potatoes, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes…

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Image of A roaring start to the new term
16 April 2021

A roaring start to the new term

We’ve had a roaring start to the new term in Year 1.


We have started our new topic of Paws, claws and whiskers.  We have talked and looked at pictures of our visits to the zoo, before lockdown and identified carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.  We discussed which was our favourite…

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Image of Carnival time!
26 March 2021

Carnival time!

What a brilliant week year 1 have had to end the term.  We have celebrated the end of our Rio de Vida topic, where we have been learning all about Brazil, by holding our very own carnival.


On Wednesday, we made Pao de Queijo, Brazilian cheese bread.  The children helped to weigh and…

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