14 May 2021

A very exciting week in year 1!  You won’t believe it, but we had some escaped animals wandering around! You can watch the video on Teams if you haven’t seen it already!  We had to call the zookeepers to come and take them away!

Afterwards, we decided to find out more about the very important role of zookeepers and all the things they do to care and look after the animals.

The children produced some amazing factsheets about this on Word on Thursday to show all the things they found out.  I cannot believe how brilliantly the children are getting on with this.  The progress they have made has been outstanding!

The children have also been combining geography and science this week.  We have been finding out where all the continents are and labelling them on a world map.  The children then identified which of these the different big cats come from and marked these on the map too. Super work and lots of fantastic learning!


In topic, we have started creating some animal masks.  We used paper plates and card templates to make the ears.  We then painted them and will be completing them next week.


Our garden is continuing to flourish! We now have actual radishes! The strawberries are flowering,the peas and growing, along with our potatoes and at last our sunflower seeds have sprouted!


And finally, a quick update on the puppies belonging to one member of our class. They are now 3 weeks old and beginning to learn to walk! And still very, very cute indeed!

Another fantastic week in year 1.  The children are working so hard and producing some wonderful work. I am so proud of their progress in both their learning and attitude.




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