30 April 2021

What a fantastic end to the week we’ve had.  Year 1 have done some wonderful literacy work today.

We read The Lonely Beast and came up with some fantastic ideas and facts about him, the special journey he goes on and the people and things he meets.  We were so happy he found his friends!

Earlier this week, we have been working hard in maths, looking at mass and weight and using balance scales.  The children weighed objects and identified which were heavier and lighter and then went on to comparing weights. The children worked brilliantly on this and we will be continuing with this topic next week.

In PE the children worked wonderfully together to practise their throwing and catching skills. What super teamwork!

We have also been using the laptops again this week.  The children had remembered how to log on and off and even had a go at typing in a Word document.  Next week, we will be having a go a creating a Tiger fact file on word and printing them out!

In Topic, we have read and enjoyed The Tiger who came for tea.  The children listened to the story and then worked as a class to sequence the story from the pictures and put them on a washing line.  We then used this to write a recount, using time connectives to start our super sentences.

To finish off the week, we enjoyed Golden Time.  The children use this time really well to get creative using different equipment in the classroom.  Today, we have had some fantastic tower building and recognising of 3D shapes, learning about the magic of Chameleons, colouring and making tigers and cubs,  Lego modelling and what happens if we look through different coloured lenses at things!

Finally, a quick update on our year 1 garden.  Things are definitely growing, we just need it to warm up!



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