Image of TTRS Final!
20 July 2021

TTRS Final!

Hi folks,

Well the results are in and what a finale it was!! Mr Bourne's class were finally knocked off top spot for the first time this year, leaving Mrs Charlton's and Mrs Murton's classes tied for top spot! So how could we resolve the tie break? Well, we will be having an 'Extra Time…

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Image of The Final TTRS Battle of the Classes!
13 July 2021

The Final TTRS Battle of the Classes!

Here it is folks, the final TTRS battle of the year! It's the decider - which class will be the best? Take a look at the league table below, it's all fairly tight at the top, only 3 points separating the top three classes! 

You have until 3:30pm on Monday 19th July to get yourselves logged on…

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Image of A sketching of the gods!
8 July 2021

A sketching of the gods!

This week, the children have been working on their sketching skills again ready to upload photos of their sketches into the Chatterpix app. Here, they can bring Thor to life and perform a speech with him. I think you'll agree, these sketches are outstanding!

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Image of Vikings!
17 June 2021


We have started our 'Traders and Raiders' topic and we managed to 'hook' the children in with a Zoom call from a REAL (and a very technologically advanced) Viking! He was brilliant! He described to the children all about Viking life, the raids, the fighting, how they crossed the oceans and the…

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Image of Culture week: Catholicism
28 May 2021

Culture week: Catholicism

We have had an excellent week learning all about Catholicism this week. We have investigated and created information posters on the Seven Sacraments; moulded (using craft wire) our own crosses to make up our Rosary beads; we’ve created stained glass windows using tissue paper; researched facts…

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Image of Embossed Foil Artwork!
18 May 2021

Embossed Foil Artwork!

Last week, we were using tin foil, thick string and sharpie pens to make our embossed foil pieces. We started by designing our artwork, then translated it to card by gluing the string in to the desired pattern. The tricky part came when we had to wrap the board in foil, ensuring that the string…

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Image of TTRS Round 4!
4 May 2021

TTRS Round 4!

What a start back to the TTRS league after the long break following school closures! I'm sure where were a few frustrated children our there tying to regain the speeds they were achieving in December! We had some close matches though and we even saw Mr Bourne's class defeated for the first time…

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Image of Super Scientists!
4 May 2021

Super Scientists!

Over the past couple of weeks we have been working as scientists, conducting fair test experiments to establish the varying strength of magnets, the best material for use in a parachute and also how sound travels though materials in order to make our own wind chimes. Look at the superb photos of…

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Image of Mighty Metals!
14 April 2021

Mighty Metals!

This week marked our return to school after the Easter break and the start of our new topic - Mighty Metals! On Tuesday, we made simple model carts which we will use to learn all about friction forces and conduct scientific tests on Thursday afternoon. Keep your eyes posted here to see more photos…

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Image of Making Submarines!
19 March 2021

Making Submarines!

It's great to be back and see all the smiley faces in my class this week! I made it back at the right time too - to use our science skills and knowledge to make model submarines. We were able to make our submarines submerge and rise by squeezing the bottle and changing the pressure within it.…

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