Image of Fun,fun,fun!
19 July 2022


The children have had a fabulous end of term treat. They enjoyed a puppet, and magic show with Uncle Brian and then a special treat with a super tasty ice-cream. 
It was great to hear all the laughter in the hall this morning whilst the children helped Uncle Brian with the magic tricks, kept…

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Image of Predator eyes!
13 July 2022

Predator eyes!

The children have really enjoyed using clay to create their own predator eyes. They used their observation skills to look really closely at the patterns, colours and textures of the animals fur or scales. 

They used clay tools to build up the shape of the eye and then carefully painted them…

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Image of Amazing topic homwork!
8 July 2022

Amazing topic homwork!

Well done and a huge thank you for all of your hard work producing such amazing pieces of topic homework. I am blown away by all of the wonderful writing, great food chains and creative art and craft pieces. 

Wow, you are all AMAZING!

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Image of Restart the heart!
5 July 2022

Restart the heart!

Today, two of our parents very kindly offered their time to give the children a session on how to do CPR and how to keep our hearts healthy. We started the session by discussing what they would do if they found someone unwell and how to use their mobile phones to phone for help. All of the…

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Image of Wonderful work!
1 July 2022

Wonderful work!

Although this week has been assessment week, we’ve still had lots of fun and fabulous learning taking place.

In topic we’ve continued our learning all about predators. On Monday we used a world map to locate different types of predatory birds around the world. We were surprised at how many…

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Image of Owl pellets and much more!
24 June 2022

Owl pellets and much more!

This week the children completed their polar bear fact files. The children were able to write about where the bears lived, who they lived with, what they ate and interesting facts they had found out during their research. I was very impressed with all of the children’s stamina when writing and…

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Image of A wonderful week of learning!
17 June 2022

A wonderful week of learning!

This week we have used our research skills in order to find our information and facts about polar bears. This links to our English lessons, where we are reading the story of ‘Ice Bear’ by Jackie Morris. The children found out about what the bear eats, where they live, who is part of their family…

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Image of A fabulous first week back!
9 June 2022

A fabulous first week back!

The children have returned to school full of energy and eager to learn.

We have started our new book ‘The Ice Bear’ written by Jackie Morris. This week saw the children listening to the first paragraph in the book. They heard the text and used visualisation to create their own sketch. The…

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Image of Platinum Jubilee 2022
27 May 2022

Platinum Jubilee 2022

Today we've had a great day celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. The children had a special assembly and enjoyed making crowns for their special jubilee afternoon tea lunch. The children also very kindly donated money towards our jubilee planter, which has been filled with lots of colourful…

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Image of Cultures week-Islam!
26 May 2022

Cultures week-Islam!

This week the children have enjoyed learning all about the religion of Islam. They’ve focussed on the festival of Ramadan and Eid. We’ve produced some fabulous pieces of writing about the five pillars which, are the five key principles that all Muslims are obligated to fulfil in their…

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Image of Sports Day!
20 May 2022

Sports Day!

Wow what an amazing Sports Day!

The children took part in a range of team races, where they showed excellent sportsmanship, encouragement and determination. You should all be very proud of yourselves!

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Image of Flow Topic Homework!
19 May 2022

Flow Topic Homework!

Today we looked at all of the amazing pieces of topic homework the children have created at home. A huge well done to everyone and a big thank you to those who have helped to produce these fabulous pieces of work!

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