Image of Abstract Art
11 November 2022

Abstract Art


We enjoyed creating abstract art using a variety of techniques and tools. The results are amazing! Well done everyone.

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Image of Starting with a heart
3 November 2022

Starting with a heart

Look away now if you’re squeamish! Most of the children certainly weren’t today as we had the opportunity to investigate a pig’s heart. We estimated then checked it’s weight. We examined the arteries and identified the atrium and ventricles. Many children were happy to be fully hands on! We…

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Image of Y5 Buddhism
21 October 2022

Y5 Buddhism


We have had a fabulous celebrating cultures week, with a focus on Buddhism. We started by learning about Siddartha Gautama, the sufferings he witnessed and The Four Noble Truths. He became Buddha: teacher. We looked at the symbols of Buddhism and their meanings. One of these is the Lotus…

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Image of Model Anderson Shelters
7 October 2022

Model Anderson Shelters


The children have enjoyed making plans for their model Anderson shelters. They have shown great resilience and teamwork as the constructed them from a variety of materials. What a great job! Thank you to those who brought some materials in to help them.

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Image of Coded Science
30 September 2022

Coded Science

As part of our topic, "A Child's War", we have been learning how messages were sent using Morse Code.  The children had a go at writing coded messages to each other.  They then constructed electrical circuits using lights or buzzers.  They discovered that it is tricky to send and receive messages…

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Image of Y5 Eden Camp Visit
16 September 2022

Y5 Eden Camp Visit

Year 5 had a fabulous trip to Eden Camp this week.  The weather was kind to us and we all thoroughly enjoyed looking round the exhibits to help support our understanding of events in World War 2.  Thank you to our parent helpers, your support was much appreciated.  I was impressed with…

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Image of Tour of Britain
9 September 2022

Tour of Britain

Here are some photos of us celebrating the Tour of Britain. I was very proud of the children’s behaviour as they cheered everyone on, including all the support vehicles. We also sang for the crowds while we waited. 

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