17 May 2021

The children love spending time in our outdoor area. We provide a stimulating and safe environment where the children can learn, play, explore and take risks.

Risky play allows children to challenge themselves on many levels:

  • Physically – by climbing a little higher, running a little faster or jumping a little further.
  • Emotionally – feeling out of control or overcoming fear
  • Mentally – learning how to get out of trouble, learning your own boundaries and that of the environment around them.

(EYR team, (2018) https://www.earlyyearsresources.co.uk/blog/2018/10/risky-play-importance/)


Our garden is full of fun and engaging resources for the children to use and learn such as:

  • A mud kitchen where the children love to make mud pies and potions.
  • A water area full of tubs, jugs, and underwater creatures,
  • A cosy reading area,
  • Mark making table,
  • Chalk table,
  • Sand,
  • Playdough area,
  • Construction and small world area,
  • Maths and phonics table which has fun games for the children to learn their numbers and sounds.
  • Games area.


When the sun is shining, we love to have our snack outdoors. Where the children are provided with fresh fruit, milk, and water.

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