14 June 2019

During SAW Week we have been learning all about Dinosaurs.

The children brought lots of fabulous books and toys from home to share with the class.

We love to sit at the front of the class and talk about the things we have brought in.

We talked about what the Earth might have looked like when the dinosaurs were alive.  We thought that the Dinosaurs might have liked to live in a swamp.

We collected items from our outdoor area that we thought would make a good swamp.

We arranged them all into the water tray and our dinosaur swamp was starting to look really good.

Only 1 thing was missing……. we needed the swamp.

We made our swamp out of jelly.  We had a great time turning the jelly into a swamp.  Whilst we were making the jelly we used words such as melt, dissolve, disappear, stir, mix, boiling, pour, cool, set and refrigerator.

Our swamp looked amazing and it felt amazing too.  We used words like sticky, slimey, squishy, cold, wet, mushy, sloppy, gloopy and wibbly to describe the swamp.

In the outdoor area we made big pictures of dinosaurs using anything we could find.

We thought about what the dinosaurs might be saying to each other and decided to write speech bubbles to add to our artwork.

We have been having a go at saying what we could do to make our work look even better.  We drew pictures of the toy dinosaurs that we have in our classroom.  When we had finished we talked about what we like about our work and what we could do better.  We then had another go at drawing our dinosaurs and made them look even better.  These are some of the things that we thought we could do to improve our work.

  • Stay in the lines a bit more when we were colouring in.
  • Make the legs a bit longer.
  • Choose better colours.
  • Make the spikes look more pointy.
  • Make the body a bit neater.

We hope you enjoyed looking at all our fabulous work in the hall on Friday.

Category: EYFS 2018 – 2019