9 January 2019

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

In Reception we have started the new term learning all about Penguins.

Our first job was to find out what we already know about Penguins.

The book we are looking at is called Blue Penguin by Petr Horacek.

Before looking at the front cover or knowing the title of the book we had a look at the very first picture. We had a talk about what we thought the picture was of.

We thought of some really interesting things.

Joe – Underwater

Sophia – Underwater Whales

Dexter – Big Igloo

Harry – Space

Pippa – The Sea

Elena – Different colours of sea

Joseph – It looks like a rock

Erin – Where penguins live

Boe – Clouds

Isla R – Polar Bears home

Hudson – Trees in the dark

Jack – Sky

Alfie – Big massive blobs

Mabel – A turtles house

Maia – A big wave in the water

Alanna – A fishes home

We talked about what it might feel like there.

Boe – Icy cold

Erin – Cold

Pippa – Freezing

Harry – Snowy like winter

We also thought about who or what might live there.

Elena – Penguins

Mabel – Seals

Layla – Polar Bears

Sophia – Santa


We have been making our own pictures like the one in the book using lots of different textures.

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