5 November 2019

Our new topic this half term is called 'What happens when I go to sleep?'

During this topic we will look at:

*  Bedtime routines

*  The Moon and Stars

*  Nocturnal animals

*  People who work at night

*  The importance of sleep and rest


The first story that we have been looking at is called

Bedtime for Monsters by Ed Vere

Bedtime for Monsters By Ed Vere

Our first activity was to imagine what the monster in the story looked like.  We talked about the different things a monster might have and used words to describe a monster.

These are some of our thoughts "big eyes"   "scary teeth"  "long legs"   "hairy skin"

We then had a go at drawing a picture of what we thought the character might look like.  

When the character had been introduced we had another go at drawing and tried to choose the correct colours to match.   We were very good at looking carefully at the image and copying what we could see.

We have also been having a go at making our very own monsters in the Design Area using toilet roll tubes and wool.  It was very tricky to wrap the wool around the toilet roll tube but we worked really hard with this new skill.  We enjoyed adding extra bits onto our monsters to make them look really scary.






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