16 June 2020

Yesterday, the Government announced that schools may invite children from year groups other than EYFS, Y1 and Y6 and children of Key Workers, those with Education Health and Care Plans or a Social Worker, back into school should they have the capacity to do so. School leaders were given the following directive:

'When deciding how to welcome additional pupils back before the summer, schools should consider how they will communicate to parents, including those with children in reception, year 1 or 6 who have not yet taken up their offer of a place. Schools should ascertain if those parents want to take up the offer, making it clear that if they indicate that they do not, or do not respond, schools may offer this capacity to another pupil in which case they won’t subsequently be able to take up a place this term.'

It is for this reason that a text was sent out yesterday afternoon, stating that there will be a cap on EYFS, Y1 and Y6 places from 19th June 2020. If children do not take their place by this time, their place may be offered to a child from another year group for the rest of the summer term. This is not a guarantee that we will definitely have the capacity to welcome children from other year groups into school from 22nd June. Additional planning needs to be carried out, with an assessment of staff availability, as we still need teachers available to ensure that quality online learning and feedback takes place for children who are not in school.

If you have a child in EYFS, Y1, Y6 or your child has an Education Health and Care Plan or a Social Worker, you must let the school office know by Friday 19th June 2020 if you wish for a place in school until the end of July. Your child must attend on 19th June to secure their place. Key Workers must let us know that they require a place by 19th June if they have not already done so, but their child does not need to attend on 19th June in order to secure it.

I understand that this is a difficult decision for many of you to make. Please be assured that we have made the school environment as safe as possible for children's return and that online learning will still be provided for all children from EYFS to Y6 until 17th July 2020, should they remain at home.

Please note that all children will still have their place at our school in September. The cap only applies for the summer term.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding during these challenging and changing times.



Posted by Mrs Channing

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