24 September 2020

Hello everyone!

Well, it's that time of year! We've all had a few weeks to settle into our new classes and routines, but now it's time to forget old allies - now it's time to put your new class first to become the TTRS reigning champions for 2021!

As I am sure you all remember, Mrs Murton's class were indeed the strongest class, losing only 1 of their 10 matches on their way to becoming 2020 Champions. This time around, our matches will take place every 2 weeks, with each class playing each other 3 times between now and July 2021. There has been a slight tweak in the rules though this year, in order to make competition even greater. 

Like before, each class will get 3 points for a win. However, there are now bonus points up for grabs. Each time your class earns over 20, 000 points in a tournament, you earn an extra 2 points for your class. This means, that even if your class loses a particular battle, you can still earn 2 bonus points to close the gap with those above you in the table.  

To kick start this year’s tournament, we have the three following matches taking place:


Mrs Kearns’ Class Vs Miss Harmar’s Class

Mrs Charlton’s Class Vs Mr Moore’s Class

Mrs Murton’s Class Vs Mrs Meadows’ Class


The tournament goes LIVE at 3:10pm on Monday 28th September and finishes at 7pm on Thursday 8th October.

Good luck to you all and may the greatest class win!


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