11 November 2020

On Monday, we had another School Council meeting via Teams. We talked about the brilliant play equipment that RAFT has provided for each of our bubbles. We agreed that it would be a lovely idea for each bubble to produce a thank you card for RAFT. We also talked about the fact that we need to encourage everyone to look after their equipment. School Council members agreed to create a check list so that they may check that all equipment has been returned tho their bubble's bucket at the end of each playtime. School Council members will feed back to their classes the importance of looking after this lovely new equipment.

We then went on to discuss the various suggestions made by children, via class suggestion boxes. One child had suggested that we have swings on the playground but, after consideration, we agreed that this would not be safe and so decided that we couldn't go forward with this idea. Children have also requested large, fixed, play equipment on the upper playground. Mrs Channing explained that, at the moment, funding will not allow for this to happen but that she had asked RAFT if they could fund some goals to go onto the upper playground and that RAFT members had talked about the possibility of a fixed basketball type hoop.

Mrs Channing spoke to us about RAFT's idea for fundraising - a sponsored walk to Lapland! We won't actually be travelling to Lapland, but may be sponsored for the miles that we walk or cycle, with the hope that together we will have walked or cycled the equivalent distance of Great Ayton to Lapland!We all agreed that we are very lucky, indeed, to have such a great group of parents supporting our school and coming up with great ideas to raise money for extra treats and equipment.

We agreed to make sure that we remind children to put their suggestions into our class suggestion boxes, ready for our next meeting and that suggestions need to be safe and sensible to be considered.

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