5 January 2021

As promised, here is an update regarding provision of education for our children during lockdown. 

As you know, the Government announced last night that, as of Wednesday 6th January, the country will be under full lockdown restrictions. This means that only the children of Key / Critical Workers, those with an Education, Health and Care Plan or allocated Social Worker may attend school. All other children will have to access their educational entitlement remotely. Please note that the point of a lockdown is to try to limit the number of children in schools / contact within communities. If you are a Key / Critical Worker but there is a parent at home who is not a Key Worker and is able to look after your child, please consider this rather than sending them into school every day. 

We need to ensure that this lockdown has a minimal impact upon children's learning. We can only do this by working together and having a shared mindset that school is still operational each day, albeit in different places!  In 'normal' times, there is an expectation that children attend school every day. During lockdown, there is an expectation that ALL children access remote learning EVERY day (or learning in school if they are the child of a Key/Critical Worker or a child with an Education Health and Care Plan or allocated Social Worker). I know that this may be a battle for some parents initially, but children must understand that learning at home is a requirement. If boundaries are set at the start of this lockdown, with a clear expectation that work needs to be completed, children will settle into a positive working routine and learning will not be lost. I shall be monitoring children's engagement on Teams each day and offer support for those families that are struggling to ensure their child engages with learning. 

We recognise that the majority of parents are not qualified teachers but, as parents, they still have a responsibility to enable their child to access education. We shall, therefore, ensure that remote learning will be accessible to all children, with online teaching and support from teachers and Teaching Assistants. We also understand that children do not always have access to devices or the internet in order to access live teaching sessions at specific times. Teachers will be mindful of this when planning lessons for online learning. If you do not have internet access or a suitable device, please let us know as soon as possible and we will be able to offer support.

Our nursery will be open to all nursery children throughout lockdown. For children from EYFS to Year Six, learning will be remote and accessed at home, via Microsoft Teams. Daily learning will be set for children, as well as opportunities to engage with teachers and Teaching Assistants. There is an expectation that every child accesses the learning that is provided for them and submits completed tasks. There will also be assemblies for children to join on Mondays (1.15pm) and Fridays (9.30am) on the Teams Assemblies channel. Teachers will also arrange for children to access an online playtime, where they will be able to chat to one another via text on their class Teams channel. This will be overseen by a member of staff and will ensure that children are able to access the social side of school that so many of them miss when away from their friends.

For those children whose parents are Key / Critical Workers and those who are vulnerable ie have an Education Health and Care Plan or allocated Social Worker, school will be open and they will be taught in their own classroom by their own teacher. Their arrival and departure times and routines will remain the same as normal*, as will their playtime and lunch time. They may also continue to access Breakfast Club. This provision (school and Breakfast Club) will begin on Wednesday 6th January. Parents who are Key Workers are required to let the school office know every Friday which days their child will attend school the following week. Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan or allocated Social Worker are expected to attend school every day.

*Please ensure that you social distance when dropping off and picking up your child and that you do not gather at the school entrance. We also require all adults entering the school grounds to wear a face covering, please.

Nursery 8.30am - 11.30am   and 12.00 - 3.30pm

Mrs Barker's Class, Mrs Mitchell's class and Mrs Kearns' class: 8.45am  - 3.00pm

Mr Moore's class, Mrs Charlton's class and Mr Bourne's class: 8.55am - 3.10pm

Mrs Meadows' class and Mrs Murton's class: 9.05pm - 3.20pm


Children attending school should wear their uniform and bring only their PE kit, reading book/bookbag, water bottle and lunch (unless they will be requiring a school meal). They should not bring anything else in from home, in order to reduce risks. School meals are payable via ParentPay, unless children are eligible to receive Free School Meals. They should also bring a coat to school, as outdoor playtimes will still take place. Normal school rules and routines will apply and, if children are attending, they will be expected to attend for a full school day. This is different to the childcare provision that was in operation during the last lockdown. It is not childcare, but school (just with fewer children). 

If you are a Key Worker (Critical Worker) and wish for your child to attend school, please email office@roseberryacademy.org to let us know before your child attends. Please do not be offended if we request proof of your Key Worker status. For those Key Workers whose children attended school during the last lockdown, you will not need to offer proof again.

If your child is learning at home and eligible for Free School Meals (economic and not universal EYFS/KS1 meals), we will be arranging to provide vouchers once more. I am awaiting information regarding this and will make contact with parents of children eligible for Free School Meals as soon as information is available to me.

Once again, I thank you for your support and understanding during this difficult time. Please stay safe - you are all very precious.


Key points:

Nursery is open to all nursery children every day

School is only open for children of Key Workers (when absolutely necessary to enable Key Workers to carry out their role), children with EHCPs and allocated Social Workers. Breakfast Club is still in operation but there is no after school provision

Key Workers must inform the school office every Friday to let us know when their child will be attending the following week. Children must attend for a full school day

Children attending school will adhere to 'normal' rules and routines, including arrival and departure times and wearing uniform

Children accessing remote learning at home are expected to access learning online via Teams every day and support will be offered for families who have no access to devices / internet


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