5 March 2021

What a super way to end a fantastic week, with the celebration of World Book Day.

Children in the classroom and at home got dressed up in their favourite characters.  They looked absolutely fabulous!

Year One World Book Day

The children have enjoyed reading and sharing their favourite stories and have been busy making some wonderful book marks to use at home.

At home children have been busy writing to their favourite authors, completing quizzes and writing their own stories.

In the classroom, we have created a new reading corner today that links with World book day - our Bookflix corner is all ready and waiting for the children’s return on Monday, where they can enjoy some quiet time enjoying a book.

Reading corner

Also this week, we have been busying continuing to look at our Rio De Vida Topic.

In the classroom, children have enjoyed making their carnival masks.  They thought about their design and then carefully coloured and decorated them with lots of different materials, from feather to sequins, glitter and pipe cleaners! They look absolutely fantastic!

Mask making

After the masks were completed Year 1 decided that a little bit of samba dancing was in order! We tried really hard to learn some steps of the Samba and really enjoyed dancing to the traditional Samba music!


Later in the week, the children then peer critiqued each other’s work, thinking carefully about what they liked about the masks or costumes each other had designed.  They then went on to tell, in a kind and constructive way, how the work could be improved for next time - great job Year 1!

Carnival costume peer critique


Yesterday, the children created their own carnival poems.  They thought about words that describe the carnival atmosphere and then paired the words into making their own poems.  There was some really wonderful work done. Superstars!

Carnival poems

We have learnt about why the Rio carnival is celebrated, so yesterday the children thought about other things and occasions we and other people from around the world celebrate.  The children worked in pairs on this and then presented their work back to the rest of the class! 


Year 1 have had an amazing week. I’m so, so proud of you all for working so hard!

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