19 March 2021

We have ended this week celebrating Red Nose Day.  The children were dressed up today in their favourite clothes or costumes and they all looked wonderful.

Red Nose Day in Year 1


Year 1 have had another busy week back in the classroom.  They have been working very hard on their handwriting and reading this week, but we’ve also found time to continue our topic work.

Mythical creatures

 The children learnt about Brazilian mythical creatures, like Curupira and Iara.  They then created their very own mythical creature.  We had magical mermaids, a cheeky monkey, giant fire breathing snakes and sea monsters.

Who’s the tallest in year 1?

In maths we have started looking at a new topic of measurement.  To start this topic we have been comparing heights and decided to see who is the tallest and shortest in year 1.  The children went outside and worked together to put themselves in size order - it took quite a long time, but they got there eventually!


On Wednesday, the children made their Easter cards.  They worked carefully to draw around a template and cut the shape of a chick and an egg.  They coloured and decorated these and wrote a lovely Easter message inside.

Easter cards

On the Thursday, the children did some fantastic work on Instructions and bossy verbs.  They worked in pairs to make a delicious jam sandwich.  They had to think about the how they made it, what equipment they used, the order in which they made it and what important details are needed to make the instructions clear.

Jam sandwiches

And of course they good to eat the jam sandwiches as well - yum!



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