13 April 2021

We had a gigantic surprise when we returned to school today.  Someone had left enormous footprints on our carpet.

We put on our thinking caps and had a think about who is could have been.

Here are our thoughts.......

A monster, a fluffy monster, a feathery monster or a scary monster.

A dinosaur

Santa or the Easter Bunny

A giant or maybe even Miss Charlton.


We noticed that whoever it was had left us a letter ......... it was from a GIANT !!!!!!!   Arrrrrrrggggghhhhhh

The giant sounded friendly and would like to spend some time in our classroom learning lots of new things.  We haven't decided if we should let him come in yet.

We listened to the story of Jack & The Beanstalk and then planted our own magic beans to see if we can grow our own beanstalks.

Planting Beans

We made green paper chains to create our very own beanstalks for our display board.  We though we looked really funny with green hair.

Paperchain Beanstalk

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