17 September 2021

Whilst we were looking for some ingredients to use in our Mud Kitchen we found some beans growing in our vegetable patch.  We had a little dig in the tyres where the potatoes had been plant4ed to see if they were ready.  We were so excited to find so many lovely potatoes.

We had a talk about what things we could make with potatoes.  We though of:

Chips, Jacket Potato, Potato Pie, Potato Waffles, Potato Cookies and Crisps.

Saoirse asked "How can you make crisps from potatoes?"  -  What a fabulous questions.

We watched a video called How is it made which showed us how potatoes are turned into crisps.  We really loved seeing all of the different machines that are used to turn potatoes into crisps.

We discovered lots of fabulous words from the video.

Conveyor belt, drum, sorter, blade, slices, rinse, shower.

We really wanted to have a go at making our own chips and crisps.

First, we washed the potatoes and then we cut them into slices and long thin strips.  We were very sensible when using the knife and made sure we were listening carefully to the instructions.

Our very helpful friend Fred the Frog enjoyed showing us what to do.  He was very sensible when the crisps and chips went into the oven to cook.

Mmmmm we really enjoyed eating our special treats at snack time.  They were delicious.  Here are some fabulous words we used to describe them.  Yummy, Delicious, Scrummy, Fabulous, Salty and a bit Super Tasty.

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