12 November 2021

This week has seen another wonderful week of learning.

In English we have read the story ‘The blind man and the hunter’ from the book Tales of Wisdom and Wonder The children used their imagination and put themselves in the place of the blind man. In order to do this the children, put themselves in the shoes of the blind man. The children guided each other around the playground in order to get some understanding of what life could be like if they were blind. We spent time using our sense of hearing to listen to our surroundings and how by listening you ‘see’ different things. From this work we collaboratively created our own poem, called ’The sounds of the Jungle’ This poem was based on the ‘Sound collector’ by Rodger McGough.

In topic, the children have learned about Stone age farming and weapon making. The children used a pestle and mortar to grind the grain in order to make flour. This represented how the Stone age people would use a quern to make flour. A quern is made of two stone circles. The one on the bottom didn’t move. The upper stone had a hole in the middle and could turn around. Wheat was poured into the hole and then the top stone was turned using a handle. This ground the wheat into flour.


The children were able to get hands on with some real Stone age and Bronze age artefacts. The children were able to touch and examine the flint artefacts kindly loaned to us by Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum in Skinningrove.

The artefacts included, Whetstone used for sharpening tools or knives,

Bronze spear heads, flint Awl Blade for making holes in leather, Flint blade scarpers, Bronze age axe head and many more items. The children were amazed at how delicate the objects were but, also how well preserved they were.


Finally, this week in ICT we have begun coding our own game. The children used the I-pads make their emoji start, jump, walk, move and then stop. The children are really enjoying their ICT lessons and learning new ICT skills along the way!

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