20 January 2022

This week we've created our own mountain ranges. 

First, the children found out that there were six different types of mountains, fold, dome, fault block, plateau, erosional and volcanic. They learned how they were different, what their different properties were and how they were formed.

After learning the mountain names the children got creative and made their our mountains using modroc. They worked fabulously as a team, giving each other roles, such as newspaper scruncher and masking tape cutter. Once the structure was in place and secure they used modroc to cover the model. The children loved smoothing down the edges and getting messy. 

Once it had all dried, they used their observation skills to look at an image of each of the mountains. The children used a variety of colours to ensure that the mountain they were painting looked realistic and included as much detail as possible. 

I think you'll agree the children have all produced some fabulous pieces of work!

Posted by Miss Burley

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